blanca s. villalobos


"Todo lo que buscas es invisible"-unknown author, MX. 


Blanca Stacey Villalobos is a queer pocha originally from Southern California who works and creates between the U.S. west coast & México. As a woman of color, a pocha (an Americanized Mexican), bisexual, and a gemini, her self and way of life have always been doubted by those around her. Villalobos' fluidity frightens, her 3rd tongue (spanglish) makes her less 'authentic', and she has been defined as an antagonist due to her cultural upbringing. Her work is a celebration of the various movements she inhabits daily. Villalobos is content with the spaces she encounters and feels that she should not be pulled to those 'either/or' situations because there are wonders beyond that.

Pochas Radicales was a project founded during Villalobos' undergraduate experience at Portland State University. The lack of support and space for queer latinas/chicanas/pochas in academia and community pushed her to create an environment in which to discuss the experience of such an identity in the Pacific Northwest. As a queer Latinx collective, Pochas Radicales worked toward community engagement through art & activism. The collective ran from Spring of 2013 to Winter of 2017 with the following members: Blanca S. Villalobos, Kenia Perez-Correa, Kibler W. Hidalgo, Andrea Elena Telles, Elizabeth Leon & Carlos Gonzales.

In her free time Villalobos enjoys making time for her emotional and mental well-being by engaging with the outdoors, singing, going on long bike rides and honoring her dreams. Her love often manifests in making ceviche de camarón & spinning folk records for loved ones.

She currently works as an education coordinator for the Wildlands Conservancy

*CV available upon request.