***This work is by POC for POC***

Below is a list of offerings that I offer to community. If you are interested in hosting me in your city please send your inquiry via email. I will travel to areas where I am invited and where my labor is honored.

All workshops can be facilitated in Spanish, English or Spanglish. In addition they can be adjusted to fit the needs of the community. Examples of past workshops, events & trainings can be found here


I provide consultations for folks that seek extra support in their dream practice. Interpretation will be guided & not given as I believe in the agency of the individual and always center my work on self actualization. These are provided on a sliding scale basis, are totally confidential and can be done in Spanish, Spanglish & English in person or via a digital platform. Herbal recommendations may form part of the consultation if desired.

If you would like to request a consultation please fill out this form. Thank you!


Recordar y Recopilar

An introductory course to dream practices and their plant allies. The dream world is a sacred one, it is a place that can bring much healing & connection to ancestors if one decides to do the work with intention. This workshop combines meditation, creative expression, self-guided interpretations & medicine making.  Please email me if you would like to host me in your city!


Sexual Assault & Dreams

A workshop created for survivors & advocates of sexual assault. Folks who experience PTSD from sexual assault are more likely to have a more challenging time with sleep and all matters of dreaming. Healing happens at its own pace, is non-linear, varies from survivor to survivor and requires the understanding that not all dream practices or plant allies will resonate with folks. In this space, we will engage with one another through storytelling, will have a chance to interact with plant allies and folks will be given a zine to take home that contains supplemental information on plants, dream practices & sexual assault resources.

The intention for this workshops is the reclamation of one's ancestral knowledge  & sacred healing practices through embodiment. Please email me if you would like to host me in your city!

This workshop is NOT a : 101 workshop on sexual assault & rape culture, support group or therapy session. *If these are the needs you and/or community seek please send me an email. 



Reclaiming Dreams for Survivors//Recopilando Sueños Para Sobrevivientes.

These zines are available in English & in Spanish. I am offering them at $5-$10 sliding donation plus $1.50 for shipping & handling. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a copy or two!