don't ever forget that you're a wolf

y a veces los lobos necesitan soledad, vagando con intención hasta encontrar su propio hogar, para continuar a florecer, honrando sus sueños, honrando sus ancestros. y pa’ ya voy.

i am slowly stepping away from social media, unlearning the ‘hustling’ narrative and tending to myself instead without feeding the expectations of what it means to be an artist.

this blog does not intend to replace my social media, or personal journal…instead my wish is that it may become a visual & written reflection of my diy artist residency which i began in the spring of 2018. the residency takes place more or less in my bedroom & surrounding cahuilla & serrano territories, with my practice centered on play, research and the vulnerable topic of familial healing. i left the pnw to return to the land and family that raised me, and to also unlearn my identity of being ‘busy’, to quit feeding the urge to commit to work, leaving time to just be.

entonces aquí estoy, corazón abierto y espíritu listo.